Whether you're coming down to Bradworthy on holiday or for pleasure why not integrate at least part of your journey into the 'total Bradworthy experience'.

If you're coming by train, tough. When you get to Exeter you're 45 miles from Bradworthy, and the winding 40 mile train journey to Barnstaple still leaves you 25 miles away from Bradworthy (it's a pleasant journey, though, as the line runs alongside the meandering River Taw for much of the time). Start walking!

The primary route into Bradworthy!

The primary route into Bradworthy!

If you're coming by coach I have no advice as I am unable to squeeze into the damned seats, and immediately start to suffer from acute discomfort (too narrow, too short, too close together, and there's always an arm-rest stuck up your bum) followed rapidly by 'coach-rage'. They come to Barnstaple and go through Holsworthy, I think.

By car, bike, van, etc, there are several routes to Bradworthy from the M5 motorway - some rapid, some quiet and scenic, others an adventurous journey along the narrow muddy lanes that constitute the very heartland of Devon. Most routes start from the Tiverton exit of the M5, Junction 27.

You can take the 'rapid' North Devon Link Road - but you'll be missing so much. I prefer to use the old Taunton road (via Wiveliscombe) which is now a 'quiet secret'. It's been downgraded to 'B' road status, but it's still mostly 'A' road quality - but no one uses it any more. When the North Devon Link Road is clogged with slow lorries and caravans this road is just as quick.

Local roads can be tricky

Local roads can be tricky

There's a good dual-carriageway (M5-J31, just after Exeter) to Okehampton followed by a rapid road to Holsworthy. Again, the old Okehampton road (via Tiverton and Credition) that skirts north of Dartmoor is a pleasant alternative to all the hidden speed cameras!

For a breath of fresh air use the lovely 'B' road from Tiverton (via Witheridge). This route was used by locals in the summer to avoid the holiday makers.

In fact there's an even better minor road (via Bish Mill) that was used by locals to avoid the 'clever' locals who knew about the 'B' road!

The muddy lanes route from Tiverton (via Eggesford) offers wonderful views of Exmoor and Dartmoor (at the same time) and is quite 'easy' except for a tricky bit in the middle.

Avoid this route like the plague if you can't reverse or get all panicky when both wing mirrors are brushing a hedge at the same time.

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